3 Brands to Consider While Looking for a TRUEtest Test Strips Replacement

TRUEtest Test StripsWith TRUEtest Test Strips, TRUEresult & TRUE2go Meters discontinuing June 1st, diabetic patients who’ve been using and are comfortable with the brand have been wondering which diabetic test strips and glucose meter to use once they’re no longer available.  It can be frustrating when things like this happen for the patients and for vendors.  However, the good news is, you have choices that are not only as accurate as TRUEtest Test Strips, they’re affordable as well.


Read more about the discontinuation of TRUEtest Test Strips in the Article Below:
Important News Regarding TRUEtest Test Strips


TRUEmetrix Test StripsTRUEmetrix Test Strips paired with the TRUEmetrix Glucose Meter is the first choice on the list.  We highly recommend this due to the fact that TRUEmetrix is designed to be the replacement for TRUEtest.  Not only is the accuracy on par with the TRUEtest test strips, the price is almost always the same or slightly off by pennies.

Arkray Glucocard Test StripsIf you’re looking for more choices and would like to try something completely different, Arkray Glucocard Meter and test strips may be a good alternative.  They’re accurate, require a small amount of blood for sampling, and are inexpensive.

Bayer Contour Test StripsBayer Contour and Bayer Contour Next test strips are also good choices and are extremely popular among diabetics who check their blood sugar on a daily basis.  They usually run 2 to 3 dollars higher than the options mentioned above but that’s to be expected, considering they carry the BAYER brand name.

With all of this being said, TRUEtest Test Strips should be available well into the year.  Although they’re discontinuing, vendors have been stocking up in order to the meet the demand of customers and, as of right now, the current expiration date on the boxes are in 2019.

So, in the meantime, if you want to stock up on TRUEtest Test Strips and use them while stock is available, it’s perfectly fine and you’ll have until 2019 to use them.  This can allow you to take a little time to research which test strips you may want to use next.

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