Tips for Diabetic Patients as Winter Approaches

Diabetic tips

Winter Tips for Diabetics

The winter season has come upon us again! Seasoned diabetic patients know first-hand that cold weather poses more challenges yet with a little closer attention coupled with the tips provided below, it’ll be smooth sailing to the beach next June!

So Let’s Jump right to the list!

Regularly Check Your Blood as Prescribed

This may be a no brainer for some yet often time’s patients will minimize testing due to the cold weather. Colder temperatures sometimes make it more difficult to test, putting the patient at risk of higher or lower blood sugars without knowing.

If you put off testing in the winter, try warming your hands by placing them in a warm towel for a couple minutes prior to testing.

Stick to the Diet

Holidays can be such a hard time of the year for anyone in any situation to stay focused on a specific diet. Now, I’m not one to be a scrooge but, it’s important to maintain your will power during this season, for the most part. However, with that being said, chances are, you’re probably going to cheat. With this in mind, it’s important to minimize the cheating (small samples).

If you know there will be a few days spread throughout the season where your will power just won’t withstand the kryptonite of your favorite dish, plan to step up your exercise to maintain a healthy blood glucose level.

I do hesitate to even write about cheating on your diet because some may see this as a free pass. My strongest advice would be to keep your snacking to a minimal.

Stay Hydrated and Moisturize those Hands and Feet

We all know that dehydration can raise your blood glucose level so it’s important to carry a good moisturizer with you especially if you’ll be playing in the snow! Keep in mind as well that in colder temperatures the body has to go into overtime in order to maintain a steady 98.6 degrees. With this in mind, make sure to drink plenty of fluids, especially with all of those layers of clothing on!

Stave off the Winter Blues

Depression, for various reasons, hits us harder in the winter than any other time of the year. Staving off those winter blues can be tough but it can be warded off with exercise, proper eating, and, most importantly, being around your friends and family. Host a dinner party, splurge a little, or take a mini vacation.

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