Steps to Reverse Pre Diabetes

Receiving the news from a physician that you’re pre diabetic can be very disheartening and although it’s not good, you now have the knowledge and with some lifestyle changes, you can prolong or even reverse the full blown disease. With that being said, you will need to make some lifestyle changes and it will take work.

Before we go into the steps and the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make, let’s start with a healthy dose of motivation. Individuals with type 2 diabetes have to buy blood glucose meters, test strips, lancing devices, and lancets, that is if their insurance doesn’t cover it. Over the years, the prices for these items have come down however, in order to test properly, you would need to buy test strips and lancets monthly. Considering how the economy is recently, we all have had to adopt ways to become frugal. For some individuals, having to add another $60 to $80 to your monthly budget for diabetic supplies could be very discouraging and cause unwanted anxiety.

Beyond the frustrations of added costs to your budget, is the actual testing process. Have you thought about have to prick your finger one to several times a day in order to monitor the your blood glucose levels? What about testing several times in one sitting to make sure the meter is reading properly or the test strips aren’t from a bad batch?

This is just a small glimpse into a diabetic patient’s life and the frustrations they have to deal with. The fact is, if you have the option to reverse the effects, take heart! Just having the option to even prolong diabetes is worth the changes you'll have to make.

So, let’s get you on a track to improve your chances to stave off diabetes!

Time to Get Up and Get Moving

An article on called Small amounts of exercise add up, suggests that small increments of daily exercise is just as effective as doing all of your exercise at once. If this study holds ground, it would be really important to individuals who really hate to exercise. A person who is sedentary would have a better time exercising in small doses spread throughout the day as opposed to trying to wrap their mind around a 30 – 45 minute exercise 3 times a week.

There’s really no way around this one, though. Just remember, whatever you decide to do, just do it. Your chances will greatly improve of staying on a plan by simply getting a group of friends together and just going for it!

Change your Diet

Yes, I said it, but you probably knew it was coming. There’s no way around this one. A diet filled with sugar, empty carbs, and unhealthy fats coupled with no exercise are a recipe for disaster. A few years back I spent 6 months in Thailand and was about 120 lbs. overweight. The Thai people were not shy and would constantly point out the fact that I was overweight. I had enough after a couple months and finally asked a Thai Lady why they were so persistent in reminding me of my weight problem? She told me the reason was because I was young and that I was killing myself. Those words are what personally empowered me to lose 130 lbs. and for the most part I’ve kept the weight off for 3 years now.

Whatever it may take for you, just realize that what you put in your body on a daily basis will affect your health in either a positive or negative way. This is not to say that you can’t have your favorite guilty pleasure again. The way I personally look at pizza (my favorite indulgence) is a treat. I can have a slice or 4 on occasions but I don’t consider it as a part of my diet. It’s something I personally will allow myself to have once or twice a month.

Aside from the obvious diet and exercise, you may want to or have been advised to check your blood glucose levels occasionally. Keeping track of your levels with a home blood glucose meter a couple of times a week will help you keep track of your progress of your diet and exercise. It can also work as a healthy reminder of what you’ll have to do on a regular basis if you stay inactive and resist changing your daily diet.

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