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Important News Regarding TRUEtest Test Strips

After buying Nipro Diagnostics earlier this year (TRUEtest Test Strips, TRUEresult & TRUE2go Meters), Trividia delivered news to their suppliers.  As of June 1st 2016, they will no longer be distributing, and have discontinued, TRUE2go & TRUEresult Meters and TRUEtest Test strips. Distributors have been rushing to buy the remaining supplies in order to supply their diabetic patients for, and this is speculating, a few months.  This news came out around April 7th to distributors, which only gives us a small time frame to educate our patients of the changes ahead.       Grace Healthcare will carry a supply...

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How to Use Glucose Test Strips

Individuals with diabetes know how important management and control are. You cannot let diabetes get the best of you. While proper diet and healthy lifestyle choices are part of that, you must make sure that you have the proper equipment. For diabetics, that equipment is the blood test monitor, the lance, and, of course, the blood glucose test strips. Typically, testing devices will come with everything that you need, but they will only last so long. If you want to make sure that you have everything, you need to make regular purchases and stay stocked on equipment. Diabetic test strips,...

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Diabetic Glucose Meters with their Compatible Test Strips

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Diabetics Guide to the Holidays

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas a little over a month away, you’re probably wondering, if you’re a diabetic or have stayed strong on the diet all year long, how you will survive all the tempting sugary treats and high carb foods this season. For diabetics especially, overloading your plates with junk food will cause sugar spikes and raise your blood pressure as your body has a hard enough time producing insulin while eating healthy.For many, this is among the most anticipated time of year, and while individuals have the will power to eat healthy through most holidays,...

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Ten Foods to Keep your Type 2 Diabetes Diet Supercharged

Diabeties High Blood Pressure Hyper-Tension

If you have Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetic, you’re well aware of the foods that you must stay clear from: candy, soda, fruit juices, pastas and white rice, whole milk, fatty meats, just to name a few. It is rather disappointing, especially when first diagnosed, to find out some of your favorite foods are off the list. However, with a proper diet and adding a portion or two of an assortment of supercharged items on your menu every day, you could easily squeeze in a cheat item in moderation here and there and not suffer later or feel guilty for...

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