Important News Regarding TRUEtest Test Strips April 13 2016, 12 Comments

After buying Nipro Diagnostics earlier this year (TRUEtest Test Strips, TRUEresult & TRUE2go Meters), Trividia delivered news to their suppliers.  As of June 1st 2016, they will no longer be distributing, and have discontinued, TRUE2go & TRUEresult Meters and TRUEtest Test strips.

Distributors have been rushing to buy the remaining supplies in order to supply their diabetic patients for, and this is speculating, a few months.  This news came out around April 7th to distributors, which only gives us a small time frame to educate our patients of the changes ahead.




Grace Healthcare will carry a supply and have cut prices in order to make sure all our customers receive as many boxes as needed.  You can click here to see our updated prices. Free shipping on all orders over $20.   Order while supplies last!

UPDATE:  We have now run out of TRUEtest Test Strips.  If you would like to purchase Test strips, use promo code: TESTSTRIP10  and receive a 10% discount off your purchase!  Good for one use only!

From what we are told, TRUEmetrix Meters will replace the TRUEresult & TRUE2go Meters while TRUEmetrix Test Strips will replace TRUEtest Test Strips.


What do you think about the sudden change?  Leave comments below.