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13 Apr '16

Important News Regarding TRUEtest Test Strips

Posted by Nick Puffer

After buying Nipro Diagnostics earlier this year (TRUEtest Test Strips, TRUEresult & TRUE2go Meters), Trividia delivered news to their suppliers.  As of June 1st 2016, they will no longer be distributing, and have discontinued, TRUE2go & TRUEresult Meters and TRUEtest Test strips.

Distributors have been rushing to buy the remaining supplies in order to supply their diabetic patients for, and this is speculating, a few months.  This news came out around April 7th to distributors, which only gives us a small time frame to educate our patients of the changes ahead.




Grace Healthcare will carry a supply and have cut prices in order to make sure all our customers receive as many boxes as needed.  You can click here to see our updated prices. Free shipping on all orders over $20.   Order while supplies last!

UPDATE:  We have now run out of TRUEtest Test Strips.  If you would like to purchase Test strips, use promo code: TESTSTRIP10  and receive a 10% discount off your purchase!  Good for one use only!

From what we are told, TRUEmetrix Meters will replace the TRUEresult & TRUE2go Meters while TRUEmetrix Test Strips will replace TRUEtest Test Strips.


What do you think about the sudden change?  Leave comments below.



The announced reason that TRUETest strips are discontinued is that in a small percentage of diabetics, the enzyme used in the test strip can interfere with certain drugs used to treat this small percentage of diabetics. Assertions that Grace Health is or was remiss in selling this product are simply wrong, especially as it seems easy to let those with this supposed problem know they should use some other meter/strips. But what rings false is the claim that the test process can in any way interfere with a drug which is in the body. How can the act of drawing up a tiny amount of blood via capillary action possibly cause any appreciable amount of enzymes fixed into the test strip to go against the flow and back through the pin prick and into the patient’s blood stream? Sounds like an excuse for Nipro to take their lowest price and most convenient unit off the market.

Posted by Walt Fricke on September 04, 2016

Is it the merger of Rite Aid to Walgreens, the reason True Test Strip is no longer available. True test products are manufactured by Rite Aid .

Posted by Vic osorio on August 07, 2016

When I got the email informing me that GraceHealth Care will not be supplying us with Truetest Strips I almost dropped to my knees, I was really shocked and very upset. I was upset because I have been using TrueTest strip for the longest while and I thought they were the best, and on learning that these will be discontinued, I immediately placed an order for a supply of strips.

On learning of the new strips and with the offer to get the appropriate meter FREE for the new
strips if you were to place an order within 24 hours, I placed three orders.

GRACEHEALTH CARE thanks for all you have done for me and I am quite sure you will continue doing so with the new TRUE Metrix Test Strips….thanks…..thanks….thanks!!!!!!!

Posted by Derrick V Fraites (West Indies) on April 26, 2016

Sorry to h ear this news about “True Test Strips”…I took for granted that the test strips were as accurate as any others…

I will contemplate trying the new strips and purchase the meter….I am hoping there is NOT a difference in the cost of those strips….

that would cause me to look other places ….thanks for the information…it does not make me to happy…however..

Posted by JOAN LEWANDOWSKI on April 14, 2016

Eric, thanks for reaching out. At this time, there is no smaller meter to replace the TRUE2go. I imagine though this is in the works.

Posted by Grace Healthcare on April 13, 2016

Loida, unfortunately, TRUEmetrix Test Strips is only compatible with the TRUEmetrix Glucose Meter.

Posted by Grace Healthcare on April 13, 2016

What will replace the True2Go meter? I prefer the small size of that meter.

Posted by Eric Bowers on April 13, 2016

I’m happy with my Truetest strips.
I just wounder if I can still using my glucometer
TRUE RESULT with the Truematrix strips. Its
The answer its yes, its ok with me.

Posted by Loida on April 13, 2016

I put an order for 3 50ct TRUE Metrix Test Strips, please send the glucose meter with my order. Thanks a lot and have a nice day. This is in order to ck if that meter serve me as I want.

Posted by Luis Alberto Cartagena on April 13, 2016

Hi Rich, thanks for reaching out and voicing your concerns. This has been known for quite some time, actually. It’s a very small percentage of diabetic patients who have issues and in fact, are aware and were advised to use different strips. This is something that is caught early as the testings all vary and cause immediate concern.

Over 99% of TRUEtest users are not affected and have been happy with their experience with the product. There are many other large companies that are continuing to sell TRUEtest as well due to it’s price, popularity, and accuracy. We have a large group of patients that will continue to buy until supplies diminish. However, if you’d like to switch, we put together a great deal for TRUEmetrix. Buy 2 boxes and receive a free meter. Many customers are now making the move to TRUEmetrix.

Hope you have a great day!

Posted by Grace Healthcare on April 13, 2016

Story of my life.. If i like a product, they take it off the market.
Thanks for the update.

Posted by Leslie Clifton on April 13, 2016

Yes we have all heard about this and it is unfortunate and the test strips were reasonably priced. What I find hard it understand is if your company knows as it has been told that these test cause false readings why you would continue to sell them to your diabetic patients knowing they are faulty. That sound kind of negligent on Grace HealthCare’s part if you ask me.

If your wiling to continue to make a profit knowing these sticks are faulty then I don’t think I will be buying anything else from Grace healthcare in the future.

Knowing something is faulty and continuing to sell it for profit makes me think you guys are kind of sleaze.

Posted by Rich Kaminski on April 13, 2016

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