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How to Maintain and Control Diabetes with High Blood Pressure

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Having Diabetes doesn't necessarily mean you'll have high blood pressure, but it does raise your chances of getting it in the span of your lifetime. Nearly 25% of individuals with Type 1 (body is unable to produce insulin) and around 80% of Type 2 (body is unable to use insulin or doesn’t produce enough) patients will get high blood pressure. So, I guess the big question here is, what prevention measures, if any, should you take if you're diabetic and want to ward of the risk of getting high blood pressure?

Let's first take a look at what high blood pressure is. High blood pressure (also known as Hypertension) basically makes the heart over-work to pump blood through-out the body. This can lead to a stroke, heart failure, and/or hardening of arteries.

The causes of high blood pressure can range from obesity, smoking, too much salt, stress, sleep apnea, and genetics to name a few. Yet, in most cases, unfortunately, when a person is diagnosed, the cause goes undetermined.

This may seem like bad news, but the truth is most of the time, you can take measures in order to control high blood pressure without medication by implementing some of these positive lifestyle changes:

• Cut back on excessive salt
• Eat a nutritional based diet
• Cut down on your Alcohol intake
• Exercise 3 – 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes
• Quit Smoking

Coincidentally, you can take control of your type 2 diabetes by utilizing the same methods. It is recommended that losing around 20 lbs. of fat will strongly impact your blood glucose levels positively. While you can control diabetes type 2, it’s important to note that once you contract type 2 Diabetes, it never fully goes away due to the excessive damage to the pancreas yet the methods above should help you maintain a better lifestyle.

Having both Diabetes and High blood pressure puts your body at a higher risk of diseases and should be maintained properly with diet and exercise. Aside from staving some of the symptoms of both Diabetes and high blood pressure, maintaining a healthier lifestyle has been proven to make life more enjoyable and even helps heal depression and anxiety.

There’s a diabetic care plan assessment that can be found by clicking here for type 2 diabetes. This test is highly recommended for those wanting to know what they can improve upon in their daily routines in order to maintain diabetes and inadvertently high blood pressure as well. 


If you haven't been diagnosed with Diabetes and feel you're at risk, you can start by reading, Early Warning signs and Detection of Early Stages of Diabetes

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