Guide to Buying Blood Glucose Testing Supplies Online February 19 2013, 0 Comments

 Properly managing your blood glucose levels is very important.

Unfortunately, it can also be very expensive. Some brands of glucose test strips can cost as much as $50 to $100 per box. As a result, patients with diabetes might not test as often as they should.

The good news is that high quality, affordable blood glucose test strips are available online. While any online purchase should be approached with caution, consumers can guarantee a positive experience with a few simple steps. First, make sure that the seller is a fully licensed DME (durable medical equipment) or medical benefit provider. 

This will allow patients to avoid discount test strips that come with some kind of catch, such as strips that are about to expire or secondhand products that don't have a proper chain of custody. In some cases, bargain basement test strips are acceptable. For example, short-dated strips won't be an issue if the patient has enough time to use all of them. Another example is if a discount is offered due to a purely cosmetic issue such as a crushed box. The test strips are inside a hard plastic vial, so as long as the vial is undamaged the strips are still good. In other cases, however, discount test strips are a bad deal for the customer. This might be the case if the seller purchases leftover test strips from individuals, or if the strips are discounted due to damage from flood or fire. This may cause the strips to not work at all, or worse, to give significantly incorrect readings. For that reason, it's critical to know the seller's supply chain. A legitimate medical supply company, such as Grace Healthcare, purchases its inventory directly from the manufacturer or approved wholesalers. We can offer the best prices due to volume, so our customers don't have to worry that the low prices reflect the quality of the product.

 For the best online shopping experience, consumers should also pay close attention to feedback if buying on third party sites such as Amazon or Ebay. In most cases, the best company will have the highest customer satisfaction rating. Grace Healthcare is proud to have the highest feedback rating of all glucose test strip dealers on Amazon and a 100% positive rating on Ebay. We replenish our test strip inventory on a regular basis, so our test strips typically have expiration dates 18 to 24 months in the future. We also believe that our responsibility is to the consumer, even when rare mistakes are made by a third party (such as products being lost or damaged in the mail). This happens in only a small percentage of cases, but when it does, we take care of the customer and hold the carrier accountable.

Finally, when making an online purchase, it's important to pay very close attention to the items. It's easy to get cross-eyed when looking at a computer screen and purchase a similar but incorrect item. For example, there are three brands of glucose test strips--TrueTrack, Truetest, and True Balance--that are made by the same manufacturer and come in very similar packaging. As a result, it's easy to mistake one of them for another, but each has its own meter. TrueTrack and True Balance are compatible with meters of the same name. Truetest strips work with TrueResult and True2Go meters. When purchasing test strips online, be sure to buy the right strips for your glucometer.