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A Story About Canes

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Walking canes have a long and distinguished history. In the Old Testament, Moses used his staff not just to perform miracles, but also as a mobility aid.   The ancient Greeks referred to canes in the Riddle of the Sphinx: “What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night.”   The third leg at night symbolized man walking with the aid of a cane in his old age.   In the Middle Ages, canes were a fashion first item.   Nobles and bishops used ornate canes as a symbol of their wealth or power. In more recent times, canes appeared in popular culture and entertainment.   Charlie Chaplin's “Little Tramp” character was best known for his hat and cane.

 Today, canes are used primarily as a mobility aid, but many different options are available for both style and function. The simplest canes have a knob-shaped handle and a plain rubber tip. These canes serve as a basic walking stick for patients who need only an occasional break or need to avoid the occasional stumble.   Other patients might require a specialized base. Quad canes have a four-legged base for greater stability. This would benefit users who need more help with their balance. In other cases, climate may dictate what kind of base is needed. Residents of cold-weather regions may want to choose a cane with an ice pick tip, which will keep the base of the cane from slipping on patches of frozen ground. Canes come with a variety of handles as well. Larger, wider handles are ideal for users who need to lean on the cane for support. Individuals with arthritis may want to choose a cane with an ergonomic handle. Adjustable canes are a good option for people who share their canes with others or who want to try the cane at varying heights instead of committing to a specific size.  Folding canes are easy to ship and transport.

 While canes come with a wide range of functional options, there is no reason for them to be boring. There are many different styles available to allow everyone to give their canes a personality. Canes can be purchased with virtually any color or pattern on the shaft. 

 Cane handles offer an even greater variety of style options. Cane heads can be carved to look like anything from a golf club to a dolphin or a specific breed of dog. The handles can be made from virtually any material, from carved wood to brass. Higher-end canes are available with sterling silver or 14 karat gold handles.

 Whatever your needs or tastes might be, Grace Healthcare has the right cane for you. We offer hundreds of different canes with various options for handles, shaft materials, bases, and styles.

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