GlucoNavii Glucose Test Strip Value Packages (50-500 count)

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GlucoNavii is the most affordable diabetic test strip on the market. This is a great option for patients who need to test their blood sugar more often than their insurance will cover, or for patients whose preferred brand is being discontinued (Contour TS, Freestyle Freedom, True Track).

Results show that the SD Biosensor GlucoNavii is among the highest in system accuracy results for glucose concentration. Compared to other top blood glucose monitoring systems, the GlucoNavii's reliability and accuracy are similar to other, more expensive brands such as Freestyle Lite, Contour, Aviva Plus, Smartview Nano, One Touch Ultra, and Ascensia Breeze 2. The SD Biosensor GlucoNavii can also integrate a simplistic yet powerful monitoring software, easy to use on both Mac and PC devices.

  • Approved for Alternate Site Testing (AST)

  • Uses glucose oxidase technology

  • No Coding

  • Works with the GlucoNavii Blood Glucose Meter

  • 5 second testing time

  • 99.9 Pure GOLD Technology for Accurate and Reliable ResultsX

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