About Us


Our History: Grace Healthcare was founded in 2001 by a Delta State graduate named David Wolf. Grace's inauspicious origins began when David gathered his things and relocated to Indianola, Mississippi, a town in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Once there he opened a start-up company that specialized in cleaning local catfish and poultry processing plants—that business was called Wolf Industries, Inc. Soon, with a tremendous group of employees under David's leadership, the business began growing.

Then, in 1996, Wolf Industries landed a contract cleaning hospitals. Soon, the company would be servicing the largest hospitals in the Jackson Metro area. After successfully operating Wolf Industries from Jackson, David would move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and take on a challenge that would prove pivotal in Grace Healthcare's development.

Having moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, David then began managing a small medical company by day and continued cleaning hospitals at night. In 2001, David acquired the lease at what is now Grace Healthcare's flagship store located on Broad Avenue in Gulfport. From there, David Wolf launched what was to become the most successful medical equipment and supply company on the Coast—Grace Healthcare.

Today Grace Healthcare has five locations proudly serving customers from Mississippi to Florida. The company employs over seventy-five workers and serves countless patients across the Gulf States. Grace has worked hard to develop a work environment that successfully balances the needs of its patients with the needs of its employees and their families. We are proud of our history and proud to serve you. We appreciate everyone who walks through our doors and we hope that you will continue to allow us to be a part of your lives.

Our Mission: To provide Quality Healthcare for our patients, our families and our community with Integrity, Humility and Grace.

Our Vision: Grace Healthcare strives to be the most innovative Healthcare provider on the Gulf Coast. We will provide quality care surpassing our patient's expectations. We depend on our employees to meet the highest standards of patient care with Integrity, Commitment, Humility and Grace.