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Coloplast Brava 120215 Skin Barrier Wipes, 30ct box.


Coloplast Brava 120215 Skin Barrier Wipes, 30ct box.


A skin barrier provides a thin protective layer of film on the skin to protect it from output. Depending on your needs, a spray or wipe may best meet your needs.

Common features of both products include:


Protection against stoma output and adhesives

Spray can be used for crusting technique

Dry within seconds

Won't build up layers or inhibit adhesion

Alcohol-free + silicone-based = sting-free


If you use a barrier film to "crust" (creating a drier, textured surface on otherwise wet, weepy skin by alternating layers of ostomy powder and barrier film), the Brava Skin Barrier Spray is a good option. It will "seal" in the powder to create a surface to which your barrier will stick.


The Brava Skin Barrier Wipe cannot be used for crusting, but still provides sting-free protection from leakage. The wipe is practical when travelling because of its size.


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