Hollister 3844 CenterPointLock™ Two-Piece Drainable Mini Pouch, 2-3/4" Flange, 9" L, Clamp Closure, Beige

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Price:  $35.29

Pcs: Two

Type: Drainable Mini

Flange: 2-3/4"

Size: 9" L, Mini

Filter: No

Closure: Clamp Closure

Backing: No

Color: Beige

Belt Tabs: Yes

Hollister CenterPointLock™ Drainable Mini-Pouch is a discreet pouch with the patented CenterPointLock™, an exclusive feature that assures a secure attachment of the pouch to the skin barrier. It prevents unintentional separation of the pouch from the skin barrier. The pouch is made of the highest quality materials.

  • Confidence and security with the unique CenterPointLock™ feature prevents unintentional pouch - skin barrier separation.
  • Confidence and comfort by using superior pouch materials; odor-barrier rustle-free film is soft and silent.
  • Peace of mind knowing that the pouch is discreet and is made of the highest quality materials.
  • Plastic belt tabs permit easy attachment of a belt to the pouch for additional security.
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