TRUE Metrix Test Strips - 4 Boxes w/True Metrix Meter

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The TRUE Metrix test strips and meter are the most technologically advanced diabetic products on the market!  The meter stores the data of up to 500 strip results giving the patient an overview of their blood sugar over a period of time.  The meter allows you to set up to 4 alarms per day that reminds the patient of the exact time of when to take another sample and displays event tagging which suggests different activities the patient can do to improve levels.

The True Metrix test strips are designed to take a small sample (.5 microliter) of blood while giving quick results (4 seconds).  The strips are designed with triple sense technology that detects, corrects, and analyzes blood samples to give you a very high accuracy in readings.  The strips are also designed to scan the environment ensuring an accurate reading anytime, anywhere!


  • Store up to 500 strip results with date and time
  • .5 microliter sample
  • Download data to computer/hard drive
  • Environment detection
  • 4 second analysis
  • Event tagging
  • Strip release button on Meter

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